Aliza Sehar arrested after wedding

Aliza Sehar arrested after wedding

Why Aliza Sehar Arrested a day of after her Marriage?

The individual from TikTok who was apprehended on charges linked to the exhibition of weapons..

Aliza Sehar Wedding
Aliza Wedding

Why Aliza Sehar Arrested After her wedding

Well-known YouTuber and TikToker, Aleza Sehar, has become entangled in a sequence of events that has attracted significant public interest. Merely a day following her wedding, she was apprehended by the Punjab Police.

This apprehension followed a tumultuous phase in her life, initiated by the unauthorized release of some of her private videos.

During the previous month, a video featuring Alizey Sehar participating in explicit content circulated widely on social media, igniting a substantial online conversation. The video exposed her acquiescing to inappropriate requests during a video call with another person, who later disseminated the video.

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Aliza Sehar Arreted after her Wedding
Aliza Sehar Arreted after her Wedding

Despite the controversy surrounding her, Aleza Sehar proceeded with her wedding, and videos of the ceremony swiftly circulated on social media. She exchanged vows with Dil Muhammad Kumhar. However, the public response to her wedding has been varied. Some users criticized her husband, insinuating that the marriage might have been driven by financial motives, while others expressed support, encouraging her to forge ahead and embark on a new chapter in her life.

The situation underwent a twist when reports surfaced of Aliza Sahar’s apprehension on charges connected to the exhibition of weapons. A video depicting her and her husband displaying firearms had gained widespread attention, leading to intervention by the Punjab Police.

After the arrest, rumors started circulating that the couple had provided valid weapon licenses to the authorities, resulting in their subsequent release.

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