Bepanah amazing drama 2022: Heart touching Story Of Two Sisters

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Ensemble Line-up: The Luminaries of “Bepanah”

“Bepanah” boasts a galaxy of adept performers, masterfully breathing life into each persona with unerring artistry. Amid the distinguished troupe, there lie monikers that have etched indelible imprints within the realm of showbiz.

WriterNuzhat Saman
DirectorKamran Akbar Khan
ProducerMomina Duraid
Release Date25 OCT 2022

Narrative Design of drama Bepanah

Behind every enthralling drama lies a robust scaffold – its narrative design. “Bepanah” mesmerizes with its labyrinthine tale, where passions, liaisons, and climactic junctures meld harmoniously. Venture into this spellbinding saga, and the allure will ensnare from inception to culmination.

Airwave Specifications: Ensuring No Dramatic Beat Escapes You

For the ardent aficionados keen on delving into this drama’s magnetic ambiance, acquainting oneself with the precise transmission matrix becomes paramount. Remain abreast to ensure no dramatic pulse eludes your attention from this superlative production.

Supplementary Nuances: Peeling Back the Dramatic Veil

Whilst the primary facets of this drama are irresistibly seductive, a plethora of supplementary nuances beckon the zealous spectator. From clandestine on-set whispers to coveted dialogues, a treasure trove of intel beckons the insatiable enthusiast.

Drama Cast

Zain Afzal as TBA

Pakistani actor Zain Afzal is known for his roles in dramas like Mere Apne, Dilruba, and his latest hit, Bepanah.

Raeed Muhammad Alam as Jibran

Pakistani actor Raeed Muhammad Alam is known for his romantic and comedic roles in dramas like “Bepanah”, “Dil-e-Gumshuda”, and “Chupke Chupke”.

Kanwal Khan as Gul

Kanwal Khan a Pakistani actress, model, and TikTok sensation. Her rapid ascent in the Pakistani entertainment landscape is notable. A vast digital audience cherishes her across social media platforms.

Eshal Fayyaz as Ushna

Eshal Fayyaz stands as a gifted actress and model within our realm. Her inaugural act graced the screens with the drama ‘Abroo’ back in 2015. Subsequent to that, she receded from prominent endeavors, only to re-emerge in the spotlight with “Bepanah” drama.

Khaqan Shahnawaz as Naufil

Khaqan Shahnawaz emerges as a fresh face among Pakistani drama artists, capturing audience admiration. While many recognize him as an actor and model, few are aware of his dual roles as a digital influencer and a legal practitioner. “Bepanah” marks his theatrical onset as Naufil.

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