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deewangi drama

Deewangi drama Cast

writerSadia Akhtar
DirectorZeeshan Ahmed
ProducerAbdullah Kadwani Asad Qureshi
Release Date18 DEC 2019

danish taimoor As sultan durrani

Danish Taimoor is a talented and versatile Pakistani actor with a charming personality. He is known for his good looks, expressive eyes, and natural acting skills. He has starred in many popular Pakistani dramas and films, and has won numerous awards for his performances. Taimoor is a role model for many young people in Pakistan and around the world.

Hiba Bukhari AS Nageen Fayaz

Hiba Bukhari is a Pakistani actress and model known for her roles in popular television dramas such as Bholi Bano, Fitoor, and Daagh. She is also a social media influencer with a large following on Instagram. Bukhari is known for her beauty, charm, and acting skills. She is also a fashion icon and often admired for her sense of style.

Zoya Nasir AS Narmeen

Zoya Nasir, Pakistani actress who has appeared in several popular dramas, including Mere Paas Tum Ho and Dil Nawaz. She is known for her natural acting style and her ability to portray complex characters.

Ali Abbas as Haroon Malik

Ali Abbas is a Pakistani actress and model known for her beauty, talent, and versatility. She has appeared in several successful dramas and films, winning the hearts of fans with her charming personality and captivating performances.

Ismat Zaidi as Bi Jaan

Ismat Zaidi, a Pakistani actress known for her versatility and grace, with a career spanning over three decades. She has starred in numerous television dramas and films, winning critical acclaim for her performances. She is a role model for many young women in Pakistan and around the world.

Aiza Awan AS Ridha

Aiza Awan, Pakistan’s sparkling gem, rocketed to fame via TikTok. With thousands hanging on her social media tales, her role as Alishba sealed her stardom in “Yeh na thi Hamari Qismat”.

Mehmood Aslam AS Muzaddid Durrani

Mehmood Aslam, Pakistan’s screen stalwart. His charisma shines brightest in ‘Bulbulay’, weaving laughter into the nation’s heartstrings.

Other Cast Members

Parveen Akbar
Nida Mumtaz
Noor Ul Hassan
Humaira Bano
Anas Ali Imran
Fahima Awan
Faiza Gilani

Deewangi Drama Story & Theme

Deewangi Drama

Deewangi drama Story

In the bustling backdrop of urban life, we encounter Nageen, a fiery spirit from a modest upbringing, and Sultan Durrani, the polished scion of a political empire and a business magnate. Orphaned in his tender years, Sultan found solace under the protective wings of his wise grandmother, Bi Jaan. Meanwhile, Nageen, lacking the shiny credentials of a degree, navigates the challenges of life with her sister Nuzhat, her brother-in-law Rashid, and the ever-watchful eyes of Rashid’s mother. With fate playing its mysterious cards, Nageen finds herself stepping into the world of luxury buses as a hostess. As their worlds collide, their stories intertwine, weaving a tapestry of ambition, love, and destiny.Sultan’s unexpected encounter with Nageen unfolded on a highway, where his car decided to take an impromptu break, leaving him with no choice but to embark on a journey by bus.During this fleeting ride, Sultan found himself captivated by Nageen’s courage as she fearlessly confronted a harasser on board.Sultan’s unexpected encounter with Nageen unfolded on a highway, where his car decided to take an impromptu break, leaving him with no choice but to embark on a journey by bus. During this fleeting ride, Sultan found himself captivated by Nageen’s courage as she fearlessly confronted a harasser on board.Intrigued by this spirited young woman, Sultan began taking bus rides regularly, hoping to catch glimpses of Nageen. However, she remained steadfast in treating him as just another passenger, paying little attention to his advances.Determined to win her heart, Sultan hatched a daring plan.

Deewangi Drama

He purchased all the bus tickets one day, leaving himself alone with Nageen. It was then that he mustered the courage to express his feelings, only to face rejection due to the gaping chasm between their social backgrounds.Tragedy struck when a horrifying incident involving acid being thrown at Nageen’s friend, Faryal, unfolded. This sent shockwaves of fear through Nageen’s heart, intensifying her reservations.Meanwhile, Sultan’s cousin, Narmeen, harbored her own desires for him.Learning of Nageen’s presence, she schemed to ensnare her rival in a web of deceit.As days passed, Sultan’s desperation led him to make a misguided move, attempting to slip a ring onto Nageen’s finger without her consent. The consequences were dire, as a secret agent of Narmeen captured the act on video, which quickly went viral on social media, tarnishing Sultan’s reputation.The fallout from the video proved devastating, costing Sultan’s uncle a crucial election. In an unexpected turn of events, Nageen reached out to Sultan, seeking his forgiveness. Miraculously, he found it within himself to accept her apology.With newfound hope, Sultan once again extended his proposal to Nageen, and this time, she accepted, bringing joy to her family. However, not all was smooth sailing, as many members of Sultan’s family vehemently opposed the union, championing Narmeen as the ideal match.The climax of this turbulent tale occurred on their wedding day when Nageen mysteriously disappeared, casting suspicion upon her character in the eyes of society. The wedding was abruptly called off, leaving everyone puzzled and in turmoil.

Deewangi Drama Theme

Deewangi Drama

In the bustling tapestry of Deewangi Drama, Nageen’s fiery spirit clashes and melds with Sultan Durrani’s polished worldliness. From highways to luxury buses, their fateful encounters, peppered with courage, deceit, and desire, unfurl. Amid societal expectations, video scandals, and heart-wrenching betrayals, will their love prevail against all odds?

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