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Ehsaan Faramosh

Ehsaan Faramosh is a 2023 ARY drama series featuring talented actors in the main cast. Momina and Humayun take on the lead roles in this drama. The story of this drama revolves around a love triangle. Read about the Pakistani drama ‘Ehsaan Faramosh,’ its story, cast, real names, pictures, and their details.

ehsaan faramosh drama Information

Ehsaan Faramosh is a story that explores how jealousy and envy can destroy the most precious things in your life and affect the people around you.Humayun Ashraf, portraying Kabeer, is a well-behaved restaurant owner who is family-oriented and does everything in his power to ensure the happiness of his family

Salman Saeed, portraying Hamza, is a handsome individual from an upper-class family who is humble but becomes distracted as the story unfolds.Sometimes, you find what you’ve always wanted, but you don’t realize its worth until you lose it. However, love has a way of finding its place in the heart if it’s true to itself.

GenresFamily, Drama
WriterTahir Nazir
DirectorSyed Faisal Bukhari
ProducersTahir Nazir
Release DateAugust 08, 2023
Air timeMonday to Friday on 09:00 PM
duration40 min
ChannelARY Digital
ProductionSix Sigma Plus
Country of OriginPakistan

ehsaan faramosh drama cast

The main Cast of Drama Serial “Ehsaan Faramosh” includes:

Momina Iqbal as Falak
Humayun Ashraf as Kabeer
Mashal Khan as Nawaal
Salma Saeed as Hamza
Dania Enwaar as Alia
Atiqa Odho
Humaira Asghar
Zafar Mahmood
Sadaf Ahsan
Jawaid Iqbal
Rohi Ghazali

ehsaan faramosh jealousy and envy story

Ehsaan Faramosh is a narrative that delves into the destructive power of jealousy and envy, capable of eroding the most cherished aspects of your life and those around you” conveys that the story or plot of “Ehsaan Faramosh” examines the harmful effects of jealousy and envy. It suggests that these negative emotions can not only harm your own life but also affect the lives of those close to you. The narrative likely portrays situations and characters that illustrate how these emotions can lead to destructive behavior and consequences, emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing such feelings to safeguard what is most valuable.

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momina iqbal as falak

Momina Iqbal has portrayed the character of Falak in the drama ‘Ehsaan Faramosh.’ She is a gorgeous and talented actress who has taken on both leading and supporting roles in numerous dramas. Momina is 30 years old. ‘Khuda Aur Mohabbat‘ is a super-hit drama.

Humayun ashraf as kabeer

Humayun Ashraf has portrayed the character of Kabeer in the drama ‘Ehsaan Faramosh.’ He is a phenomenal Pakistani actor who began his acting career as a supporting actor and has also performed lead roles in numerous dramas. ‘Khel‘ is one of his notable dramas.

mashal khan as nawal

Mashal Khan has appeared as Nawal in the drama serial ‘Ehsaan Faramosh.’ She has been a part of many super-hit Pakistani dramas, and ‘Parizaad‘ is among her super-hit dramas. ‘College Gate‘ is her recent drama for Green Entertainment.

salman saeed as hamza

Salman Saeed is a famous Pakistani drama actor. He also played the lead role in the drama ‘Ehsaan Faramosh,’ opposite Mashal Khan. He is the younger brother of the renowned actor Humayun Saeed. Salman is 35 years old and lives in Karachi with his family.

dania enwer as alia

Dani Enwer is known for performing supporting roles in Pakistani dramas. In this serial, she portrayed the role of Salman Saeed’s sister-in-law. Her recent drama in 2023 is ‘Jannat Se Aagay‘ with Rimsha Khan.

atiqa odho as hamza’s mother

Atiqa Odho is a talented actress known for portraying the roles of the mother of lead casts in Pakistani dramas. In this serial, she played the character of Salman Saeed’s mother, and her acting is amazing.

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