Fairy Tale 2 Drama: A Delightful Rom-Com with Fun, Laughter, and Romance

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Fairy tail 2 drama

Fairy Tale 2 Drama is a Pakistani romantic comedy television series that premiered on Hum TV on April 22, 2023. It is the sequel to the 2022 Ramadan drama Fairy Tale, which was a critical and commercial success. Fairy Tale 2 Drama stars Sehar Khan as Umeed Pasha, a clumsy and energetic young woman, and Hamza Sohail as Farjad Khan, a serious and handsome young man. The series follows the couple’s journey to love and marriage, amidst the many challenges and obstacles that come their way.

Plot Of Fairy Tail 2

The plot of Fairy Tale 2 Drama picks up where the first season left off, with Umeed and Farjad now engaged to be married. However, their path to the altar is not without its fair share of bumps and bruises. Umeed’s clumsiness and Farjad’s seriousness often lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Additionally, Umeed’s ex-boyfriend, Shahzaib (Adnan Raza Mir), is determined to win her back.

Despite all the challenges they face, Umeed and Farjad’s love for each other remains strong. They eventually overcome all obstacles and get married in a beautiful ceremony. The series ends with the couple happily married and looking forward to their future together.

WriterSarah Majeed
DirectorAli Hassan
ProducerMomina Duraid Productions
TimeSaturday 8:00 PM
Repeat TimeThursday 1:00 PM

Characters (fairy tail 2 drama)

Umeed Pasha (Sehar Khan): Umeed is a clumsy and energetic young woman who is full of life. She is also kind-hearted and compassionate. Umeed is in love with Farjad Khan, and the two are engaged to be married.

Farjad Khan (Hamza Sohail): Farjad is a serious and handsome young man. He is also intelligent and successful. Farjad is in love with Umeed Pasha, and the two are engaged to be married.

Sameer (Adnan Raza Mir): Sameer is Umeed’s ex-boyfriend. He is still in love with her and is determined to win her back. Shahzaib is a cunning and manipulative individual.

Kamal Pasha (Saleem Sheikh): Haya is Umeed’s sister. She is a supportive and loving sibling. Haya is also wise and mature, and she often gives Umeed advice.

Halal Pasha (Tehseen Wajahat): Halal Pasha is Umeed’s father. He is a loving father who wants the best for his daughter. Halal Pasha is also a successful businessman.

Nusrat Pasha (Salma Hasan): Nusrat Pasha is Umeed’s mother. She is a loving mother who is also very protective of her daughter. Nusrat Pasha is also a religious woman.

Themes of Fairy tail 2

Fairy Tale 2 Drama explores a variety of themes, including love, marriage, family, and friendship. The series also highlights the importance of overcoming obstacles and pursuing your dreams.

Critical reception

Fairy Tale 2 Drama has received positive reviews from critics. The series has been praised for its strong performances, witty writing, and heartwarming story. Critics have also noted that the series is a refreshing take on the traditional Pakistani romantic comedy drama.

Fairy Tail 2 success

Fairy Tale 2 Drama has been a commercial success as well. The series is one of the highest-rated dramas on Hum TV. Fairy Tale 2 Drama has also been a popular topic on social media, with many viewers praising the series and its characters.


Fairy Tale 2 Drama is a well-written and well-acted romantic comedy drama that is sure to entertain viewers of all ages. The series is a must-watch for fans of Pakistani dramas and romantic comedies.

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