Hareem Shah Opens Up About Multiple Encounters with Sexual Harassment 2023

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Hareem Shah Said That “She Wants To Join Politics To Help Underprivileged People

Hareem Shah, a TikTok star known for being in the middle of controversies, recently explained that her meetings with politicians were for a personal cause, which she believes was successful. She also shared that she has experienced sexual harassment multiple times.

Hareem shah Wants To be a politician

Hareem Shah is a Pakistani social media star who often involves in controversies on internet. She’s known for sharing private videos involving political figures. In September 2021, she openly talked about marrying Bilal Shah. Earlier, in June 2021, she claimed to have married a political leader associated with the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), but later, she took back that statement and didn’t reveal any names.

Recently, Hareem Shah appeared on a podcast where she talked about her childhood, her involvement in exposing videos of political figures, and her experiences with sexual harassment. At the beginning of the podcast, Ahmed Ali Butt asked her if her interactions with political figures were intentional or accidental. She said that some things she did on purpose, while others happened by chance. She mentioned that everything she did with political figures was part of her mission, and she’s proud to say that she succeeded in every mission and didn’t fail in any of them.

Hareem, when she first got into social media, was inspired by the former prime minister Imran Khan and his party, PTI. She used to skip her classes to attend Imran Khan’s political events and even got to meet him a few times.

After joining a political party and being active in their meetings and rallies, Hareem faced harassment multiple times.

Hareem also mentioned that she had to deal with sexual harassment incidents, but she didn’t go into details. She said that whenever someone tried to sexually harass her, she made sure they faced consequences.

Looking back at her journey on social media, She admitted that she made a lot of mistakes. However, she sees those mistakes as valuable lessons and doesn’t regret them. She said that when people started criticizing her, she gradually learned how to use social media better. Despite her past blunders, she now uses her social media platform to speak up for innocent children who are victims of cruelty.

Why Hareem shah Create Controversies ?

“I never aimed to get lots of views, and if my main goal had been to start a YouTube channel, I would have done it a long time ago, since many fake accounts using my name already exist,” she explained.

“I didn’t post famous people’s videos for cash or my own interests. My purpose was to show the real side of the people in her videos to the folks in Pakistan,” the TikTok star clarified.

Without naming names, Hareem Shah criticized political celebrities, saying they act one way in public and differently behind closed doors.

As for her actions involving Hina Parvez Butt, Hareem admitted that she initially posted videos and photos of Hina Parvez Butt because of Butt’s unfair criticism of the PTI chairman. However, she later realized her mistake and felt sorry for her decision.

Hareem Shah Goals

Ms. Shah, in sharing her political ambitions, expressed her goal of acquiring knowledge and evolving into a political leader capable of bringing about a positive change in the lives of the less fortunate.

Furthermore, she disclosed that she has successfully resolved any conflicts with her longtime friend and fellow TikToker, Sandal Khattak. She emphasized that disagreements can emerge even within the closest of friendships, akin to those of siblings.

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