Habs drama review Best Drama Of 2022

Habs Drama review

Habs Drama will Make You a drama lover

Habs Drama Review

Let’s chat about Habs Drama – the drama that’s like that peculiar tea blend which you didn’t like initially, but gradually, it finds its way into your daily cup. Now, 13 weeks down the lane, it’s got its hooks in us. Sure, it’s a cocktail of imperfect characters and sometimes, scenes that make you raise an eyebrow, but then, there are elements so intriguing that you can’t help but keep watching.

First off, did anyone else get confused with the promotional tactics by ARY? Their rather mysterious approach of not crediting specific writers seemed to suggest that the script was perhaps a group effort. This brings up the question: did they treat the story with the dedication it deserved? My little detective side thinks Aliya Makhdoom might be the brain behind the script. But it’s evident that the producers wanted to share the spotlight with their content team too.

Oh, and don’t even get me started on ARY’s one-liner: “Is love really needed for marriage?” Now, that’s not the full picture, is it? If anything, that line resonates more with Basit’s mom’s choices rather than the narrative of Basit and Ayesha. But hey, maybe that’s the charm of “Habs” – constantly keeping us guessing and engaged!

There’s an unmistakable essence of Bollywood and shades of “Pehli Si Mohabbat” that drift through the narrative, and I can’t help but wonder if others sense it too. It’s intriguing how a plot with so much potential tiptoes along the border of borrowed ideas. However, a refreshing aspect is its deviation from the typical “damsel in distress” or the “toxic male” stereotypes we see gunning for ratings in many dramas.

But here’s the silver lining: Musaddiq Malik. Making an impressive directorial debut, Malik takes this not-so-perfect script and breathes life into it. His touch isn’t just about creating aesthetic visuals; it’s about drawing out authentic, heart-tugging performances from his cast. The result? A drama where emotions resonate genuinely, devoid of theatrical exaggerations. Kudos to the director for truly understanding the art of drama-making!

Story Of Distance and Relationship

Habs Drama Review

In Habs Drama you see Ayesha, portrayed by the talented Ushna Shah—a spirited young woman never afraid to voice her opinions. Navigating life with her widowed mother (played by Saba Faisal), she’s grown up watching her mother prioritize survival over personal joy. For Ayesha’s mom, it was always about the next opportunity, even if it came at the cost of her daughters’ happiness.

Then there’s Basit, brought to life by the charismatic Feroze Khan. Born into chaos, he’s watched his family crumble. His mother (Irsa Ghazal) left his father in search of true love, having felt trapped in a passionless marriage. This departure left young Basit with scars, making him skeptical of marital bonds. After his father’s death, a twist in the will means that to access his inheritance, Basit must marry.

Cue destiny’s little nudge: Ayesha lands a job at Basit’s firm. As fate would have it, financial constraints push Basit to propose a practical marriage to Ayesha, eyeing his locked funds. But, as with all great tales, there’s a twist! Ayesha’s calculating mother sees an opportunity and, ever the opportunist, skillfully extracts money from Basit, seeking advantage in every situation. Buckle up, as this enthralling journey explores the dynamics of love, trust, and the lengths to which people go in the name of survival!

Sometimes, it’s the detours in a story that captivate us more than the main journey. Case in point: Bano, a character brought to life by the brilliant Dania Anwar. Every scene she graces, she’s nothing short of spellbinding. Playing the role of Ayesha’s wise and loving elder sister, their bond is nothing less than heartwarming – truly a refreshing subplot.

But that’s not where the intrigue ends! There’s the vivacious Ayesha’s Aunt Bobby, portrayed by Hina Rizvi. Bobby isn’t your typical aunt. Unmarried, self-sufficient, and with a flourishing business to her name, she takes stereotypes and turns them on their head, although occasionally she might amp up the drama a notch too high.

Then we have Zoya, the feisty younger sibling played by Janice Tessa. If Bano and Ayesha are the calm, Zoya is the storm – the rebel of the family, setting her own rules.

And let’s not forget Fahad, Basit’s steadfast confidant, played by Mussadiq Malik. Always by his side, Fahad’s wise counsel keeps Basit grounded. So, while the main story has its charm, it’s these sidelines and characters that add layers, making the narrative all the more mesmerizing. Dive in and let these enchanting subplots sweep you away!

Final Remarks For Habs drama

Although Ayesha and Basit’s character journeys sometimes leave us scratching our heads, habs drama impeccable delivery and portrayal more than make up for it. Each actor delivers a commendable performance, adding significant depth to their respective roles. This drama continually piques my interest, and despite certain plot twists that can be vexing, it remains engaging and entertaining.

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