Qalandar Drama cast, review, theme: the best drama of 2023


Qalandar Drama cast, review and theme. Qalandar is a unique piece of art with its amazing and realistic story thats why this drama stand in top 10 best pakistani dramas list

Qalandar drama Cast

Mark your calendars! This October, the Pakistani entertainment scene gets a fresh touch of drama and flair with the much-anticipated TV series “Qalandar”. Set to premiere on Geo Entertainment on October 14, 2022, this show is bound to be the talk of the town.

The creative genius Samra Bukhari is the mind behind the story, with the dynamic duo Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi crafting the show’s vision as producers. They’ve chosen to present this captivating tale under the esteemed banner of 7th Sky Entertainment.

WriterSamra Bukhari 
DirectorSaima Waseem
ProducerAbdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi
CastKomal Meer, Muneeb Butt,
Ali Abbas,  Kinza Razzak,  Kinza Razzak,
Hiba Aziz,  Asma Abbas, Noor Ul Hassan, Naima Khan
Release date14 October 2022
Total Episode60
Channel NameHar Pal Geo

Komal Meer as Durr-e-Adan

Born beneath the summer skies of June 17, 1998, Islamabad witnessed the emergence of a future starlet, Komal Meer. This illustrious Pakistani beauty isn’t just a renowned actress but also graces the modeling world with her poised elegance.

kinza Razzak as Shafaq

Born under the vibrant skies of Lahore on November 27, 1992, Kinza Razzak is not just a name, but an emblem of talent in Pakistan’s entertainment industry. This illustrious actress and model has etched her mark with her stunning performances and magnetic presence on screen.

Ali Abbas as Irfan

Muneeb Butt as Tabrez

Whisked into the world on a breezy February 9th, 1992, in the bustling heart of Karachi, Muneeb Butt embarked on a journey that would make him one of Pakistan’s most cherished gems. A charismatic blend of actor and model, his flair for the camera and innate talent have secured him a place in the limelight.

Noor Ul Hassan as Ayub

Noor ul Hassan. Born on a crisp winter day of February 25, 1971, this versatile Pakistani gem has etched his name in the realms of acting and hosting.

Qalandar drama stands as a shining example of how a narrative can mesmerizingly pull you in, even if it stretches beyond its welcome by a tad ten episodes. The drama paraded a dazzling array of characters, an ensemble that witnessed both the brilliance of seasoned actors and the rawness of a few greenhorns. While the plot sometimes flirted with the familiar, it often waltzed into refreshing territories, making it a rollercoaster of the expected and the novel. Its thematic heartbeats were hard to miss and were undeniably hopeful, adding another layer to its intriguing tale.

What makes “Qalandar drama” even more intriguing?

Mikaal Zulfiqar steps into a pivotal role as the developer, ensuring the story reaches audiences in the most enthralling way possible.

Of course, a story is only as compelling as its characters, and Qalandar drama boasts a stellar ensemble cast. With talented stars like Komal Meer, Muneeb Butt, and Ali Abbas leading the charge, and supported by Hiba Aziz, Asma Abbas, and the mesmerizing Kinza Razzak, the series promises riveting performances that will keep viewers glued to their screens.

Get ready for a television experience that promises to be both unique and unforgettable!

Qalandar Drama Review

In a world where faith is often tested, the tale of Qalandar shines as a beacon of unwavering belief.

Dur-e-Adan, a radiant young spirit, blossomed amidst adversity. Orphaned too young, she found solace not in lament but in the loving embrace of her aunt and uncle. Her heart, grounded in faith, whispered that every trial was a chapter written by the Divine.

Then there’s Tabriz, the neighborhood’s dashing dreamer, with stars in his eyes and aspirations as vast as the skies. Destiny seemed to draw a line between him and Dur-e-Adan, as his parents saw in her the glow of a lifelong companion for their son. Yet, life and love aren’t always scripted as one hopes. Enter Sumbul, the golden girl from a gilded world, who set her heart on Tabriz. As Tabriz’s attention swayed towards the lures of wealth and the future it promised, he seemed to forget the ethereal connection he shared with Dur-e-Adan.

As shadows of doubt and the weight of materialism cloud Tabriz’s heart, Dur-e-Adan finds herself at the crossroads of patience and pain. Will she continue to shine her light and faith amidst the gathering storm? And as for Tabriz, will he rediscover the depth of his bond with Dur-e-Adan before it’s too late? Dive into ‘Qalandar’ to traverse a journey of love, betrayal, and redemption.

Qalandar Drama Theme

In the heart of the narrative, the central tenets revolved around profound faith in Allah and the quest to overcome the temptations of earthly vanity and arrogance. The storytellers skillfully wove these lessons into the very fabric of the characters’ actions and essence, rather than merely relying on spoken words. It’s refreshing when a narrative isn’t overtly sermonizing, as heavy-handed messages can often dim the joy of an experience. In this case, subtlety was their strength, and it certainly enriched the viewing experience for me.

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